BPS 10-Rib 90mm Smooth Idler Pulley (2007-2014 GT500)

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This idler is a direct replacement for Ford Part # 7R3Z8678A. Our pulleys are hard black anodized to ensure a durable and long lasting finish. They also come preinstalled with premium bearings. As much as this pulley can benefit the hardcore racer, this pulley is top quality and would make an excellent add-on to any show car.

Note* This idler measures 90mm compared to the stock 76mm pulley. Although it is larger, we still manage to save weight; all while giving more belt wrap!

Weight comparisons:

Ford: 442g (0.97 lb)

Billet Pro Shop: 296g (0.65 lb)

This idler can be used as a replacement for the 2 idlers on the factory bridge bracket on the 2003-2004 SVT Cobra.